Waves Related Quotes

Once I learned to swim, I learned that there were waves.

Dorian "doc" Paskowitz

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Don't let us rejoice in punishment, even when the hand of God alone inflicts it. The best of us are but poor wretches, just saved from shipwreck. Can we feel anything but awe and pity when we see a fellow-passenger swallowed by the waves?

George Eliot

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Big waves are a whole different ball game. You're riding a wave with an immense amount of speed and power, generally over 10 meters. On the face of the wave, obviously life and death thoughts start to happen.

Kelly Slater

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Take no revenge that you have not pondered beneath a starry sky, or on a canyon overlook, or to the lapping of waves and the mewing of a distant gull.

Robert Breault

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You have been insulted, and you have been beaten...and yet you have refused to let any of it hurt you where it really mattered: on the inside. You are indeed a stone. You withstand the waves and winds of this world, and you remain strong.

Ben Willoughby

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When the storm is over and night falls and the moon is out in all its glory and all you're left with is the rhythm of the sea, of the waves, you know what God intended for the human race, you know what paradise is.

Harold Pinter

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It's always great to visit Taranaki; it's beautiful, and I've caught some great waves there.

Xavier Rudd


When building sand castles on the beach, we can ignore the waves but should watch the tide.

Edsger Dijkstra

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Soft fantasy worlds have a much looser cause-and-effect relationship. Alchemists can turn lead into gold and nobody wonders about how it will impact the currency system. Someone waves a wand and turns an elephant into a mouse and nobody worries about conservation of mass.

Patrick Rothfuss

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It's as if I'm Finnick, watching images of my life flash by. The mast of a boat, a silver parachute, Mags laughing, a pink sky, Beetee's trident, Annie in her wedding dress, waves breaking over rocks. Then its over.

Suzanne Collins

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