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She had come into the garden expecting summer roses and had instead been caught in a bank of twisted, thorny, frostbitten vines.

Nenia Campbell

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Perhaps it is not such a bad marriage after all? There are innumerable marriages where two people, both twisted and wrong in their depths, are well matched, making each other miserable in the way they need, in the way the pattern of their life demands.

Doris Lessing

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The main stem was then in most cases twisted in a zigzag form, which process checked the flow of the sap, and at the same time encouraged the production of side branches at those parts of the stem where they were most desired.

Robert Fortune

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The jellyfish doesn't actively move anywhere - it's just moved with the tides. Is that what man is? Man's just the jellyfish: stuff happens to you, and you get twisted in different directions.

Andrew Buchan

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I read 'Rebecca' when I was a teenager and was swept away by the powerful voice, the gut wrenching suspense and the dark, twisted love story at its center.

Lisa Unger

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The gap in the fire which had opened up before him, so that the twisted grimace on the face of existence had become visible through the play of the flames, narrowed to disappear completely. His back hurt and he could hear darkness breathing audibly.

Paul Leppin

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Drugs are marvelous--it's life that's evil. And sometimes the only way to face it is to get completely twisted.

E. Jean Carroll

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Reality itself is too twisted.

Hunter S. Thompson

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Time-out,â? I said. He twisted his hand around and wound his fingers into mine. â??Youâ??re putting me in time-out?â? â??Yes,â? I said as a shaky sigh slid through my lips. â??If I donâ??t go, do I get a spanking?

Darynda Jones

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What's it like then?" asked Old Bailey. "Being dead?" The marquis sighed. And then he twisted his lips up into a smile, and with a glitter of his old self, he replied, "Live long enough, Old Bailey, and you can find out for yourself.

Neil Gaiman

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