Support Related Quotes

“Your support of the president and his missions and what he is doing is absolutely vital for the next 25 weeks,”

Don Fowler


Support and encouragement are found in the most unlikely places.

Raquel Cepeda

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“There has been sustained support for this novice all day, and if the money continues to come, Natal could well be a single figure price by Saturday.”

David Stevens

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You got to sue the offensive line for non-support

Mike Ditka

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The last thing I wanted was a big paycheck but no inspiration or support.

Vonda Shepard

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“You can hear all the support we have here.”

Chris Simcox

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“We looked at Queens very carefully, and we were getting a lot of support there. But this deal came together very suddenly, and we thought at the end of the day that this was very possible and doable in a time frame that made a lot of sense to us.”

Woody Johnson


I support artistic freedom and always have.

Neil Portnow

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“The personnel in the support offices know they are doing their jobs well when they never hear about themselves, because that means Soldiers have their food, equipment and issues squared away, ... If you look at the basic needs of Soldiers—food, shelter, a means to survive—then you realize that a Soldier can’t eat, communicate, or have the equipment they need to do their job without logistics having a hand in the operation.”

Andy Watson

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“Looking internationally, the market still has a hefty appetite for yield that will support the currency. New Zealand yields are on a similar par with those of Kazakhstan.”

Adrian Foster

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