Study Related Quotes

?I'll have to study a lot harder and take better notes.?

Barry Church


“This is the first study to demonstrate that long-term calorie restriction with optimal nutrition has cardiac-specific effects that (delay or reverse) age-associated declines in heart function.”

Dr. Luigi Fontana


“It is the most detailed study yet describing the interplay of proteins that occur in cells during health and disease.”

Akhilesh Pandey

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“We've gotten enormous response to this study. I had a phone call from a professor from the University of Kansas who wanted to incorporate some [of the results] into his humanities class.”

Larry Mcquillan

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“The study further confirms aspirin's benefits for patients with known cardiovascular disease. It also shows there is no increased risk of bleeding, which eliminates the main reason why physicians and surgeons would ask patients to discontinue aspirin therapy,”

Scott Wright

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“Proteomics offers significant hope as a cancer diagnostic tool, but while the earlier study appears promising, the results must be validated. To do this, we'll begin studying proteomics using blood from women who have had ovarian cancer to see if we can identify a specific protein pattern in those women whose cancers may later recur.”

Mary Daly

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“You'll come to learn a great deal if you study the Insignificant in depth”

Odysseus Elytis

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“Although GIST tumors are uncommon, this study is important because it shows that we can create drugs that specifically target the mechanisms of action of cancer, and can slow down its growth.”

George Demetri

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“We have a regular readings and study sessions.”

Filip Losowski


“If you really study the track record of technology transfer and commercialization, as much value, or more, in a region is accrued from the companies and projects you attract to the area versus the actual direct transfer of things that originate there.”

David Chen

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