Sensitive Related Quotes

It is always one of the tragedies of any relationship, even between people sensitive to each other's moods, that the moments of emotion so rarely coincide.

Nan Fairbrother


Ultimately, I felt fortunate, because in many ways I did identify with aspects of being gay that were very stereotypical. I was a big theatre kid in high school, I was creative, I was very emotionally sensitive, even hypersensitive. I loved female divas.

Christopher Rice

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I think that, as Americans, we should never forget that when we tamper with freedom of speech, it is a very sensitive issue that affects all of our constitutional rights and privileges.

Charles B. Rangel

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Women tend to open themselves up more during sex. Because their subtle physical bodies are so much more sensitive they tend to pick up the total energy of the man they have sex with.

Frederick Lindemann, 1st Viscount Cherwell

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May I write words more naked than flesh, stronger than bone, more resilient than sinew, sensitive than nerve.


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I became very sensitive to what will happen to all this and all of us.

Albert Hofmann


It is only the constant exertion and working of our sensitive, intellectual, moral, and physical machinery that keeps us from rusting, and so becoming useless.

Charles Simmons

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Old men do it better. We're not so sensitive in certain areas.

Robert Plant

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Why are infectious disease doctors the best ones to date? They are the most cultured and sensitive.

Peter Rogers


Any information about U.S. special operations forces is highly sensitive.

Richard Engel

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