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Thus grows up fashion, an equivocal semblance, the most puissant, the most fantastic and frivolous, the most feared and followed, and which morals and violence assault in vain.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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The customs of some savage nations might, perchance, be profitably imitated by us, for they at least go through the semblance of casting their slough annually; they have the idea of the thing, whether they have the reality or not.

Henry David Thoreau

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If thou art wise, incline to truth; for truth, not the semblance, remains in its place.


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Please, by all the blessed saints and their bladders, tell me you two didn't"Have you lost all semblance of intelligence? (Syn)

Sherrilyn Kenyon

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Fictions are merely frozen dreams, linked images with some semblance of structure. They are not to be trusted, no more than the people who create them.

Neil Gaiman

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One of the most marked characteristics of our day is a reckless neglect of principles, and a rigid adherence to their semblance.

Marguerite Gardiner, Countess Of Blessington

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The one infinite is perfect , in simplicity , of itself, absolutely, nor can aught be greater or better, This is the one Whole, God , universal Nature , occupying all space, of whom naught but infinity can give the perfect image or semblance.

Giordano Bruno

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Our soldiers have done a valiant effort in fighting terrorism and bringing a semblance of law and order to the chaos in the region and it would be shortsighted to lay out a specific timetable to bring U.S. troops home prematurely before their mission is accomplished.

James T. Walsh

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My pride and identity is wrapped up in my big trips. But I can't always be on one - I need to plan them and fund them, and I want some semblance of a normal life too.

Andrew Skurka

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It is not good for man to cherish a solitary ambition. Unless there be those around him, by whose example he may regulate himself, his thoughts, desires, and hopes will become extravagant, and he the semblance, perhaps the reality, of a madman

Nathaniel Hawthorne

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