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Forever is not a word...rather a place where two lovers go when true love takes them there.



To the men and women who own men and women those of us meant to be lovers we will not pardon you for wasting our bodies and time

Leonard Cohen


Hello, Young Lovers, Wherever You Are.

Oscar Hammerstein Ii

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And I think that's what our world is desperately in need of - lovers, people who are building deep, genuine relationships with fellow strugglers along the way, and who actually know the faces of the people behind the issues they are concerned about.

Shane Claiborne

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I love you. I will love you till the stars crumble, which is a less idle threat than is usual to lovers on parting.

Robin Mckinley

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Old lovers go the way of old photographs, bleaching out gradually as in a slow bath of acid: first the moles and pimples, then the shadings. Then the faces themselves, until nothing remains but the general outlines.

Margaret Atwood

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Perfectly good fruit, simply in being bumped about by chance, indifferently sniffed at, idly handled and overlooked, is sometimes gradually made unfit for those who would otherwise choose it. So it is with lovers.

James Guida


I suppose that Italy must always lie like some lovely sunken island at the bottom of all passionate dreams, from which at the flood it may arise; the air of it is charged with subtle essences of romance. One supposes Italy must be organized for the need of lovers.

Mary Hunter Austin

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“All lovers swear more performance than they are able”

William Shakespeare

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The more one loves a mistress, the more one is ready to hate her.

Francois De La Rochefoucauld

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