Labor Related Quotes

“to rebuild the labor movement.”

Eric Gill


“When you choose your fields of labor go where nobody else is willing to go.”

Mary Lyon


“There is no reason to believe...that Congress has authorized the Department of Labor to dramatically reduce coverage...taking overtime protection away from millions of workers. Yet that is exactly what the Department of Labor has proposed.”

Jared Bernstein

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“There is a lot of concern since this is the Labor Day weekend - it's the last chance to get away. People were really concerned about whether there would be fuel available on the way and at their destinations. We are reassuring them that the fuel supply is coming up.”

Garrett Townsend

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“It definitely says we are going in that direction. If you trace it back to the last labor deal, you see that panning out. We're getting closer, but there's still another step to go before we get to total parity, where any given team can win in any given year.”

Dan Glass

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“As technology improves, you need less space and less labor. That also means workers need to be much more skilled.”

Weston Sedgwick

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“They always want everything, but when you are in a labor organization, the odds are you aren't going to get everything, ... At some point, you have to know when to hold them and when to fold them for the long-term benefit of your members.”

Morgan Fairchild


“There will be increased morbidity, mortality and stunted growth. Social problems, such as prostitution and child labor, will increase and refugees may become uncontrollable as a result of the food cuts.”

Ahmed Said Farah

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“Free Soil, Unfree Labor: Cave Johnson Couts and the Binding of Indian Workers in California, 1850­1867.”

Ray Allen

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“Giving birth to a new medspa takes a tremendous amount of labor pain, knowledge and expertise. Just because someone may know how operate a successful business doesn't mean they can make money in the medspa business. That is why we do so well in providing assistance through the initial phases of the medspa birth process. Due to our expertise, clients pay us an ongoing monthly support fee to assist them on multiple fronts. In other words, getting you there is one thing and keep you running smoothly once you're there is another. This ongoing support fee represents a monthly recurring revenue stream for the company,”

Mark Ellis

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