Heap Related Quotes

Congratulations offer more potential than cash. The amount of available cash is limited, but managers have an unlimited supply of congratulations. It's important to pay people fairly, but managers also should heap on congratulations and feed people's souls.

Ken Blanchard

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“If it's out there, it's probably a heap of rust that would disintegrate if you tried to move it.”

Alice Smith

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Facts are the words of God, and we may heap them together endlessly, but they will teach us little or nothing till we place them in their true relations, and recognize the thought that binds them together.

Louis Agassiz


We heap up around us things that we do not need as the crow makes piles of glittering pebbles.

Laura Ingalls Wilder


I should rather have you than a heap of gold, even if it were very comfortable to sleep on.

Naomi Novik

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Dance, and make joyous the love around you. Dance, and your veils which hide the Light shall swirl in a heap at your feet.



Toy Story 1, 2, and 3, to us, are some of the greatest films ever made, and each is better than the one before it. But if you go to Toy Story 6, they all end up decomposing in a trash heap somewhere.

Evan Goldberg


There was an exhibition in Munich in 1937, 'Degenerate Art,' which included work by Klee, Kandinsky, Beckmann and many others. The work was called 'sick' and put in the trash heap. The sentiments expressed toward contemporary art by Jesse Helms, Pat Robertson and Mayor Giuliani recall the language used by the Nazis.

Hans Haacke

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Juno MacGuff: "Thanks a heap coyote ugly. This cactus-gram stings worse than your abandonment.

Diablo Cody

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When it began to grow dark, the Rat, with an air of excitement and mystery, summoned them back into the parlour, stood each of them up alongside of his little heap, and proceeded to dress them up for the coming expedition.

Kenneth Grahame

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