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Though I still turn up my coat-collar in a lonely way and am always looking at myself in mirrors, they're only habits and give no clue at all to my character, whatever that is. The most difficult performance in the world is acting naturally isn't it? Everything else is artful.

Angela Carter

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It's great to see that celebrities can be just like us - that they too have their highs and lows, that they don't always wake up looking their best, that they have bad habits and annoying traits.

Shirley Jones

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You cant reach old age by another man's road, my habits protect my life but they would assassinate you

Mark Twain

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When i was a child, i liked tasting any candy i happened to see, but as i grew older, i realized those are a great meal to the worms in my innards. Will you shun old habits or nay? That's the question.

Michael Bassey Johnson

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Habits are like submarines; they run silent and deep.

Denis Waitley


Zoo: An excellent place to study the habits of human beings.

Evan Esar

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Habits are malleable throughout your entire life.

Charles Duhigg

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We despair of changing the habits of men, still we would alter institutions, the habits of millions of men.

George Iles

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Needless to say, food is used to constrain as well as to unify the members of many faiths. Most religions meddle in the day-to-day culinary habits of their adherents.

Michael Krondl

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Keep your eye fixed not so much on what they [people] ought in reason to do, as on what they are likely to do based on their disposition and habits.

Francesco Guicciardini

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