Fulfillment Related Quotes

“You experience life through your thoughts, which allows you to experience new life by just changing the quality and quantity of your thoughts .”

Anil Gupta

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The problem of an eidos in history, hence, arises only when a Christian transcendental fulfillment becomes immanentized. Such an immanentist hypostasis of the eschaton, however, is a theoretical fallacy.

Eric Voegelin

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If we could only live the way we know deep down we should, we would guarantee ourselves a life of richness & fulfillment.

Richard Carlson

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The only function that one experience can perform is to lead into another experience; and the only fulfillment we can speak of isthe reaching of a certain experienced end. When one experience leads to (or can lead to) the same end as another, they agree in function.

William James

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In violence there is often the quality of yearning - the yearning for completion. For closure. For that which is absent and would if present bring to fulfillment. For the body without which the wing is a useless frozen ornament. ("A Short Guide To The City")

Peter Straub

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The fulfillment of desire does not necessarily make you happy because there is a satiation factor. You can get some apple pie and eat it. If this is what makes you happy, why not eat ten?

Frederick Lenz


The strength of Ray Ortlund's study of Proverbs is its Christ-centeredness. The wisdom of Proverbs loses none of its practical value, but rather is given its ultimate fulfillment as an expression of the wisdom of Christ.

Graeme Goldsworthy


Our focus reflects our love and admiration for you. . . . We want you to live lives of spiritual maturity and fulfillment, free of unrealistic comparisons.

Elaine L. Jack

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All obstacles now vanish from my pathway. Doors fly open, gates are lifted and I enter the kingdom of fulfillment, under grace.

Florence Scovel Shinn

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To me there is something completely and satisfyingly restful in that stretch of sea and sand, sea and sand and sky - complete peace, complete fulfillment.

Anne Morrow Lindbergh