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People think if you have deciphered the genome of humans that you can change everything. But you cannot change everything, because you do not know what the genes mean, and you have no methods for changing them, and you can't do experiments with humans like you can with animals.

Christiane Nusslein-volhard


Theory provides the maps that turn an uncoordinated set of experiments or computer simulations into a cumulative exploration.

David E. Goldberg

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Itâ??s best not to experiment on yourself. Bacon practically froze himself to death in one of his experiments and died of pneumonia.â? {Right! Bacon must be heated. Knew that already, but thanks for the reminder.}

Kevin Hearne

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We are all experiments in enthusiasms, narrow and preordained.

Kurt Vonnegut

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If a totally new image is to come into being however, there must be sensitivity to internal messages, the image itself must be sensitive to change, must be unstable, and it must include a value image which places high value on trials, experiments, and the trying of new things.

Kenneth E. Boulding

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They had not yet attained the stupefying boredom of omnipotence; their experiments did not always succeed.

Arthur C. Clarke

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To assume all the powers is not good for anybody. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. All those experiments have a bad ending.

Rafael Correa


I can envision observations and experiments that would disprove any evolutionary theory I know.

Stephen Jay Gould

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Whether it's the experiments on 'MythBusters' or my earlier work in special effects for movies, I've regularly had to do things that were never done before, from designing complex motion-control rigs to figuring out how to animate chocolate.

Adam Savage

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As far as I can tell, there are two kinds of poets: those who want to tell stories and sing songs, and those who want to work out the chemical equation for language and pass on their experiments as poetry.

Simon Armitage

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