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“Much of their future lies there, ... The high school dropout rates are all going in the right direction and are improving. They have gotten better for the second generation.”

Roberto Suro

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“I think things are moving positively and in the right direction. There are things we can sharpen up as far as execution and responsibilities. There are little plays, systematic plays that we have, that it's a matter of focus and concentration as far as the players doing their responsibilities. That's effort, hard work and persistence, and a lot of it is execution as well.”

Greg Puhalski

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“Ultimately, we decided to go in a different direction.”

Chris Hoffman

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“I am a possibilist. I believe that humanity is master of its own fate... Before we can change direction, we have to question many of the assumptions underlying our current philosophy. Assumptions like bigger is better; you can't stop progress; no speed is too fast; globalization is good. Then we have to replace them with some different assumptions: small is beautiful; roots and traditions are worth preserving; variety is the spice of life; the only work worth doing is meaningful work; biodiversity is the necessary pre-condition for human survival.”

Robert Bateman

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“We're just moving into an exciting new direction. I'm not at all saying she wasn't a good fit.”

David Barnas

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“This is another step in the right direction to assist in the continuing development of players.”

Stu Jackson

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“It will help us in that direction. The bottom line, I guess, is: It will enable us to do more for handicapped kids in the community.”

Robert Kessler

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“I thought a month ago that the industry had reached a plateau, and we would finally see what the direction would be, ... Instead, it's just gone from bad to worse.”

Gary Chaison

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“There's a very definite sense that the momentum has changed direction,”

Stanley Fischer


“The school district has asked for a shorter lease and we are working with them in that direction.”

Checky Herrington

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