Design Related Quotes

“If the budget is balanced in 2002, it will be as much by luck as by design.”

Stanley Collender

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“Until recently Europe and the U.S. have lagged behind Japan in their adoption of C-based ESL design technologies.”

Sandeep Ram

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“They are doing so much building around here, and we do interior design and custom furniture. There are a lot more architecture and design firms, and a little bit more clean-lined furniture stores, so we thought that our aesthetic would work well here.”

Shannon Michelle

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“We want people to understand that we have to look at maintenance costs and staffing in decisions on design elements for the pool.”

Doug Jackson

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Art has to move you and design does not, unless it's a good design for a bus.

David Hockney

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“Good design keeps the user happy, the manufacturer in the black and the aesthete unoffended.”

Raymond Loewy

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“My dad used to design cars, boats and vans, ... I would sit next to him from the time I was 3 and copy what he was doing. I continued doing that until eventually it was easier for him to tell me to draw it than have him draw it.”

Chip Foose

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“At design time it ensures you are creating and promoting high-quality services, at change time it enables you to understand the impact of change and manage change, and at run-time it provides the authoritative system of record for run-time tools to reference policies and services for the SOA.”

Jake Sorofman

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“If a design is created in France then it could be modified in China. If the Chinese have a big project and need help to meet a deadline, engineers in Italy and France could step in. We can work directly with our customers to quickly resolve problems and deliver better quality during studies. It gives us much better flexibility.”

Philippe Ley

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“It's hard to design a space when people just say they need help with a sun room. You can do anything with any room.”

Douglas Wilson

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