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By a Carpenter mankind was made, and only by that Carpenter can mankind be remade.

Desiderius Erasmus

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“He (Carpenter) came on in relief and looked good against Cameron. He threw well in a reserve game so we figured that we would give him a look today. He certainly did a good job. I told the guys to be on their toes because he throws strikes. He's not going to hurt himself by walking too many batters. Our defense needed to be ready to get some outs and they did.”

Rich Mercer

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My great-grandfather Melvin had been a carpenter - so was my father - and they taught me the value of tools: saws, hammers, chisels, files and rulers. It all dealt with conciseness and precision. It eliminated guesswork. One has to know his tools, so he doesn't work against himself.

Yusef Komunyakaa

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“If A.J. flies off the board and a couple of other linebackers fly off the board, then, (Carpenter has) a shot to get picked in the first round. If they don't, then he's certainly going to be a second-rounder. But after draft day, it doesn't really matter. All that's thrown out the window, and he's going to have the opportunity to play and be a contributor somewhere.”

Chris Spielman

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I paid my way through college as a carpenter and a woodworker. So I've built the house I live in and most of the furniture that's in it, and I do a lot of woodworking still.

Misha Collins


I love craftsmanship of any kind, a job well done either by my chiropractor or carpenter, and I am addicted to print, the type, the ink. But my basic passion is journalism and I can't live without being online.

Harold Evans

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We had many good directors - John Carpenter, Brian De Palma - but things have become polluted by business, money and bad relationships. The success of the horror genre has led to its downfall.

Dario Argento

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One reason there are so many unhappy Christians is they feel God should be doing them favors and heaping upon them material rewards and benefits, rather than working as a Carpenter to shape their lives back into His own image.

Jamie Buckingham

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The work element comes into it as well - how much you train and how much work you put into your craft, in the same way a carpenter would perhaps work under a great teacher, etc.

Paul Rankin

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John Carpenter created the idea of Halloween, so his vision remains the most focused and intelligently directed of the series. The directors that have followed have kept the original intent of the concept.

Donald Pleasence

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